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IPPH 587 - Pharmaceutical Solids
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences IPPH 587 - Pharmaceutical Solids
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IPPH 587 - Public Information

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Course Information

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: CHM 372, IPPH 362, 363; one year of calculus.
Semesters: Summer
Catalog description:

Provides students with the ability to identify and characterize polymorphs and hydrates and to understand their behavior in the presence of water. Both classical methods and new techniques for the study of pharmaceutical solids and their interaction with water are included. Scientific principles are blended with practical examples to provide a conceptual basis for understanding particular problems.

Course Staff

Course Coordinator: Stephen Robert Byrn
Instructor: Stephen Robert Byrn
Assisting Instructors: Stephan X. M. Boerrigter, Rodolfo Pinal, Lynne S. Taylor, Elizabeth M. Topp
Supporting Staff: Mary Ellen Hurt

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