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MCMP 205L - Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences MCMP 205L - Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
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MCMP 205L - Public Information

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Course Information

Credit Hours: 0
Prerequisites: MCMP 204
Semesters: Spring
Catalog description:

Continuation of MCMP 204.

Course Staff

Course Coordinator: Susan R. H. Holladay
Instructor: Susan R. H. Holladay
Assisting Instructor: Animesh Vinay Aditya
Supporting Staff: Barbara A. (Barb) Mullenberg
Teaching Assistants: Casey Bernier, Bo Cai, Panyue Chen, Nicholas A. (Nick) Corbin, Lisha Ha, Aaron David Krabill, Hang Lin, Aaron Raymond Lindstrom, Sarah Meihui Mcginness, Kendall Lynn Mores, Stephanie Jean Schenkel, Yixing (John) Sun, Shiqi Tang, Holly Elizabeth Thieman, Andrew Joseph (Drew) Thieme, Wenzhi (Tom) Tian

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