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MCMP 514 - Biomolecular Interactions: Theory and Practice
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences MCMP 514 - Biomolecular Interactions: Theory and Practice
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Course Information

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: Biochemistry
Semesters: Spring
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Theory and applications of biophysical and bioanalytical methods for the identification and quantification of biological and pharmaceutical samples. Methods to be discussed include chromatography, electrophoresis, optical spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, electrochemical methods, radiochemical analysis, ultracentrifugation, calorimetry and surface phasmon resonance. Physical measurements, such as binding equilibrium, kinetics and macromolecular structure will be discussed. While fundamentals of each techniques will be discussed, a major focus will be on the application and integration of presented methods for the analysis of biological problems.

Course Staff

Course Coordinator: Carol B. Post
Instructor: Carol B. Post
Assisting Instructors: Vincent Jo Davisson, Tony R. Hazbun, Gregory H. Hockerman, Douglas J. Lacount, Jean-Christophe (Chris) Rochet
Supporting Staff: Barbara A. (Barb) Mullenberg

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