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MCMP 570 - Basic Principles of Chemical Action on Biological Systems
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences MCMP 570 - Basic Principles of Chemical Action on Biological Systems
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MCMP 570 - Public Information

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Course Information

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: BCHM 561, 562, BIOL 553, 554
Semesters: Fall
Catalog description:

Detailed description of modern pharmacology with emphasis on the mechanism of drug action and approaches used to understand their therapeutic and toxic effects. Topics include receptor theory and signal transduction, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics with emphasis on current concepts in molecular pharmacology.

Course Staff

Course Coordinator: Mark S. Cushman
Instructors: Mark S. Cushman, Vincent Jo Davisson, Markus A. Lill, Zhong-Yin Zhang
Supporting Staff: Barbara A. (Barb) Mullenberg

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