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MCMP 617 - Molecular Targets: Neuro Function And Dysfunction
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences MCMP 617 - Molecular Targets: Neuro Function And Dysfunction
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Course Information

Credit Hours: 2
Catalog description:

The application of basic scientific principles from medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, and new discoveries in biology, to the development of new drugs to treat psychiatric disorders and diseases of the central nervous system. Important examples of drug targets, and small molecules (either currently approved drugs or those under investigation) that target them, are discussed. Classes of drug target examples discussed include: G protein-coupled receptors, neurotransmitter transporter proteins, and ion channels. Processes of neurosecretion and neurodegenerative processes will also be discussed, as well as target validation and examples of the use of genetic models to identify CNS targets.

Course Staff

Assisting Instructors: Eric L. Barker, Jennifer L. Freeman, Gregory H. Hockerman, Jean-Christophe (Chris) Rochet, Val J. Watts
Supporting Staff: Barbara A. (Barb) Mullenberg

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