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NUPH 414 - Nuclear Pharmacy Laboratory
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences NUPH 414 - Nuclear Pharmacy Laboratory
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NUPH 414 - Public Information

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Course Information

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: NUPH 413 or consent of instructor
Semesters: Spring
Syllabus: click here
Catalog description:

Instrumentation and procedures basic to radiopharmaceutical preparation and analysis; health physics and regulatory aspects essential to the practice of nuclear pharmacy.
Instructor's description:
Welcome to NUPH 414! This course is a continuation of the material covered in NUPH 412 and 413, with an emphasis on the instrumentation that is used in nuclear pharmacy practice, along with an introduction to some of the daily tasks performed by nuclear pharmacists when working in the nuclear pharmacy. The course objectives are as follows:

- to understand the fundamentals of radiation and radiation safety
- to know the principles of instrumentation used in nuclear pharmacy and understand the use of these instruments as related to daily practice
- to understand the theoretical foundations of the profession of nuclear pharmacy
- to meld theory and abilities in the practice setting
- to develop a basic knowledge base to enable a student to practice the profession (ex. summer internships)

Course Staff

Instructor: Kara Duncan Weatherman
Teaching Assistants: Shane Nicholas Branscum, Kimberly Rosete Gomez

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