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NUPH 901 - Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Program
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences NUPH 901 - Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Program
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NUPH 901 - Public Information

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Course Information

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Instructor's description:

The Purdue University Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Program is designed to assist technicians who are practicing in the nuclear pharmacy setting to gain a better understanding of day to day tasks and operations in the nuclear pharmacy.

Course Staff

Instructor: Kara Duncan Weatherman
Assisting Instructors: Shane Cobb, Clyde Cole
Preceptors: Mike Battaglia, Mark Baugh, Geoff Becker, Quent Besing, Otha Bright, Thomas (Tom) Bush, Ardan Chan, Cheryl Cordum, Mike Cronin, Jerald Dell, Karen Dorn, Mary Ellen Emch, Christina Finch, Paul Fleming, Charles (Charley) Floyd, Mike Hess, Annette (Preceptor) Jansson, Alok Khanna, Randy Kohen, Shirley Kwok, Sean Lee, John Marotta, John Marrotta, Lauren Marzotto, Brian Maxey, Don Nguyen, Richard Osnard, Anthony Ponterio, Corrine Pruett, Adam Rahman, Shaun Ramdhany, Michael Rossi, David Russell, Greg Ryan, Steve Schultz, Rebecca Golish Scranton, Ann Siewko, Toyia Brown Simpkins, John Stempinski, Janice Szostak, Tommy Thompson, Robert Thomson, Jill Twehues, George (Preceptor) Tzortzis, Thu Vu

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