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PHPR 426 - The Professional Service Experience
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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences PHPR 426 - The Professional Service Experience
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PHPR 426 - Public Information

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Course Information

Credit Hours: 1
Catalog description:

The Professional Service Experience is a one credit hour, didactic year long, required experiential course in the first year of the professional pharmacy program. Groups of students partner with community healthcare organizations to learn about local community services, interdisciplinary collaboration and develop patient care skills. Students begin working toward 30 experience hours, a service project, and assignments in the fall semester and complete all requirements in the spring semester. Students are registered for the course and evaluated on completion of requirements in the spring semester.

Course Staff

Instructor: Patricia Lynne Darbishire
Supporting Staff: Dawn M. Sinclair
Preceptors: Stephanie Bossung, Laura Brown, Susan Brust, Melinda Cadwallader, Stephanie Chambers, Joyce Fasani, Carolyn Johnson, Carole Kemmer, Helen Klemme, Marilynn McTague, Donna Meloy, Susan Ross, Diana Salazar, Andrea Smothers, Tammy Wilson, Jayme Zobrist

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